Gold Au $2333.94 $29.85
Silver Ag $29.60 $0.62
Platinum Pt $965.51 $7.96
Palladium Pd $906.04 $-7.41

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About Us

Bison Bullion is a small foundry specializing in premium hand poured bullion bars. Our mission is to provide precious metal buyers with a unique form of bullion that is exciting to accumulate and own! Our foundry originated in McCook, Nebraska amongst fertile farm ground and high prairie lands where native americans, abundant wildlife, migratory birds and mighty bison once roamed freely. Nebraska is known for old fashioned hard working individuals, vast fields of corn and a great love for Nebraska Cornhuskers football. Bison Bullion is a foundry, not a mint. Minted bars, or what we consider "cookie cutter" bullion, are mass produced on automated equipment. These die pressed products are indeed quite beautiful, shiny and perfect. Millions and millions of an identical design can easily be produced by a mint. We, at Bison Bullion, find these products to be a bit monotonous and somewhat boring to collect. Products from Bison Bullion are unique, rare and hand produced using old world methods coupled with in-house mold making to create beautiful 3D designs. No two hand poured bullion products are ever exactly alike. The bullion to be poured is hand weighed, melted and then hand poured into our proprietary molds. The cooled bar is then removed from the mold, hand ground, hand stamped, toned and then hand finished. This is a very labor intensive process, but loved and appreciated by collectors of hand poured bars worldwide! Bison Bullion is now produced just down a small two lane highway in Kearney, Ne. Invest at your own discretion and be sure to educate yourself about the domestic and worldwide economies. Bison Bullion can not offer any guarantees, implied or expressed, regarding the prices of precious metals!

Meet Our Team

Jeanene Bergstrom
CEO and Shipping Manager

Bjorn Bergstrom
President and Numismatist

Jake Munsell
Senior Office Manager

Kelli Potratz
Photographer and Marketing Assistant

Lily & Aster Bergstrom
Lead Floor Supervisors

PO Box 967, Kearney, NE 68848